18 December 2012

Exhibition / Utställning

Today we have put the finishing touches to our project, and tomorrow it is exhibition time. We really hope that a lot of people will come to see the result! The exhibition is between 15 and 17 in the library at Rymdtorget, and after 17 we and the other four groups will hold a short presentation about our projects. 

Hope to see you there!

Idag har vi avslutat de sista grejerna på vårt projekt, och imorgon är det utställning. Vi hoppas verkligen att många kommer för att se resultatet! Utställningen är mellan 15 och 17 i biblioteket på Rymdtorget, och efter 17 kommer vi och de andra fyra grupperna att hålla en kort presentation om våra projekt. 

Hoppas vi ses där!

9 December 2012

Work, work, work..

At wednesday we were situated at Rymdtorget, unfortunatly there was none there to visit us and share ideas. BUT - we already have a lot of input from our interviews, workshops and randomly conversations with people living in Bergsjön. We have tried to work with your ideas and incoperate them in the path between Telesekopsgatan and Rymdtorget - here comes some of the inspiration pictures we have had for our designwork. What do you think?

I onsdags var vi på plats på Rymdtorget, tyvärr kom det ingen till platsen för att diskutera design och vårt föreslagna fokus. Men vi jobbade på bra i alla fall med det material vi redan har fått från intervjuer, worksshops och konversationer med människor i stadsdelen!Vi försöker att implementera dem idéer och möta de behov som framkommit under dessa möten i vårat designförslag som berör vägen mellan Teleskopsgatan och Rymdtorget. Lite inspirationsbilder som vi arbetat med ovan. Vad tycker du om dessa?

3 December 2012

Come meet us on Wednesday 5 December

On Wednesday we are going to be at the office of Utveckling Nordost at Rymdtorget. We are having a design/drawing day where you are welcome to share any ideas related to the path connecting Rymdtorget, Teleskopsgatan and the water tower as well as ideas for these locations.

We will be situated in the office from 12:00 to 18:00. Please stop by!

På onsdag kommer vi sitta på Utveckling Nordosts kontor vid Rymdtorget. Vi kommer jobba med idéer för vårt designförslag och vill gärna ha era idéer också! Ni är varmt välkomna att komma förbi och dela med er om era tankar kring vägen som kopplar ihop Rymdtorget, Teleskopsgatan och vattentornet samt tankar om dessa platser.

Vi kommer sitta på kontoret mellan 12:00 och 18:00. Hoppas vi ses!

1 December 2012

Internal workshop - friday 30 november

Yesterday we had an internal workshop where we looked at our analyze material in order to plan for our future work. We decided to work further with the path between Teleskopsgatan and Rymdtorget, including the tramstops and the water tower in our design proposals.

In this work we will focus on different things at the different locations, but our key words for the design proposals will be visability, interaction and activation.

Please comment if you have any feedback concerning this, and you can also vote in our poll and say if you think this is a good place to make improvements!

Igår hade vi en intern workhop där vi kollade på vårt analysmaterial för att planera inför framtiden. Vi bestämde oss för att arbeta vidare med gångvägen mellan Teleskopsgatan och Rymdtorget, inklusive hållplatserna och vattenstornet. 

Vi kommer fokusera på nyckelorden synlighet, interaktion och aktivering

Kommentera gärna om ni har feedback och passa på att rösta i vår enkät till höger, där ni kan säga om detta är en bra plats för framtida förbättringar. 

29 November 2012

Meeting at Rymdtorget

Today Thursday the 29th, we were at Rymdtorget discussing critical  issues relating to field observations, summaries, findings  or in other words conclusions of the analyse material  that may lead to the selection of  hot spot area for detailed plan proposal. 

As the discussed continued, all preliminary indicators appeared to be narrowing down on the movements, connections and safety in Rymdtorget and Teleskopgatan with thematic focus on social inclusion and interaction  for inhabitants between the Eastern Bergsjon and Western Bergsjon. It would be interesting to follow the results of more intense workshop deliberations planed by the group members tomorrow at Chalmers University to find out  finer details of the whole project plan.

27 November 2012

A part of our presentation

Here are some of the slides we used to present our project. The last one gives an idea of the things we found to be most important in our analyze, that has consisted of inventories and public participation.
You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

More workshop and a presentation!

Last week we begun to do our workshop at schools ( look below ) and on Thursday it was time for Backegårdsskolan. The workshop went really good and the pupils made some good reflections about their environment and also draw nice paintings on how they would like to see their area develope.

On friday we had a presentation of our progress where we could give our teacher and classmates a better picture over how our project is developing, and also the results of the workshops and what they indicated!

Thanks to the schools and the pupils for having us there, it has been of great value for our project!