21 November 2012

Interviews and workshops

Yesterday we had a very rewarding day. First we carried out some interviews at the four different tramstops in the morning. We got alot of replies and some valuable input. Now we have to summarize all the answers!

This is what we asked:
  • Except for tram, what means of transport do you use? (bicycle, bus, walking etc)
  • Do you live in Bergsjon, in which area?
  • Is it easy or hard for you to get to the nearest tram stop? Do you have any specific hindrance on the way? (for example vegetation, tunnels, topography, fences, forests etc)
  • What is your general feeling of security at this tram stop?
  • What is your feeling of safety when moving from your home area to the nearest tram stop? Does it change at different times of the day? 
After the interviews we went to Gärdsmosseskolan and met a grade 4 class. They were 17 pupils and we had a very nice workshop with them. Here are some pictures from our workshop:
Introduction of ourselfes and the task
Group 1 working with mapping home, places they like and places they don't like
Group 2 working with the same thing
Drawing the way from school to home
Zoom-in on the result of one group


  1. I am amazed to see those kids concentrated, great! Btw, did they understand the map?

  2. Hey, they were really great on both concentrating and reading the map. We were impressed of them :)

  3. Nice photos! Did you leave your blog address to the people you met? Could be good to get some feedback from them. I think they are more interested to visit your site than random people.Good job!

    1. Hi Wen, we left our blog adress to everyone we talked to, so hopefully they are reading our blog :)