12 November 2012

This is us!

Today we started this blog for our student project called Movements, connections and safety in Bergsjon.

We are working with analyzing the area of Bergsjön with consideration of movements, connections and safety. In the analyze we are working toghether with the inhabitants of Bergsjön, we are going to carry out some workshops with children in schools and interview people on the streets. We are also going to have some in-depth studies on "hot spots" in the area. The final phase of the project will be some design proposals .

We are (from left to right) name + main field of study:
Jessica - planning architect
Ika - physical planning
Sara - civil engineer
George - project planning

Our group email is: group.bergsjon@gmail.com

This project will be finished at 19-12-2012 and is a part of the course we take at Chalmers Architecure - Design for social inclusion in Hammarkullen. Please visit our course blog [here] !

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  1. Nice group photo!
    But the title of the blog looks like a long sentence now. Is it possible to stress only the three key words? could be different text size...
    And the Chalmers course name was not correct. Coule you put up a link to the course blog there?